23 November 2014

Exhibition at The Rose Theatre Art Gallery

Now open at the Rose Theatre Art Gallery is an exhibition of some of my recent works, curated by Ranadeep, who unfortunately recently has had to step down from his position. When Kylie Sabra Angel, the Rose's main curator and manager, began to mount the show, she remarked that all but one of the images contained water, which I hadn't even noticed. (So we pulled the oddball image, and everything you see has a water theme.)

The photos, all of which were taken in 2014, feature images from NorderNey, Binemist, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Matoluta Sanctuary, Frisland, The Colder Water, Humanoid, Starfall, Sarawak, and Square pegs in round holes. If you visit, be sure to investigate the surrounding galleries, which are numerous.

22 November 2014

Bryn Oh Calendar

Recently I was approached by Art Blue to participate in the development of a calendar to celebrate the work of Bryn Oh, and the project has recently come to fruition. Working in the Retrospective (read more here) and at The Singularity of Kumiko (read more here), I took several dozen images, from which Bryn selected her favorites. Jami Mills, publisher of rez magazine (read more here on their blog — they've just published an issue devoted to Bryn's works) directed the artwork. You can see the entire calendar layout in low resolution here — the printed versions are high resolution.

Art Blue (Reiner Schneeberger in real life) says on the Immersive Interactive Art blog, "PROGRAMMED ART FOUNDATION [Stiftung Kunstinformatik] presents an art calendar showing early works of Bryn Oh. Each month will be a story here to read online and some words about the picture of the month will be published in rezmagazine. Please come back and spread word about IMMERSIVIA 2016 at Santorini Bienniale. Artists around the globe are invited to create worlds of art. Take part in a preview show - free of costs. You may support the IMMERSIVIA Digital Art Display by pre-order of the calendar Immersive Art by Bryn Oh 2016. It comes in two sizes: A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inch) and in size A2 (16.5 x 23.4). It has the pictures you see here printed. In total 100 copies of the art calendar 2015 have been printed in format A3. 30 have been handed over to museums all over the world, 20 to founding supportes of our art foundation, 10 to Bryn Oh, 10 to Jami Mills, 2 to Ziki Questi. The remaining ones are for display in Santorini 2015."

16 November 2014

Adieu, Mysterious Wave

Artist Cherry Manga announced yesterday the impending closure of the sim Mysterious Wave, which she co-owns with Anley Piers and which currently hosts the installation Faith (about which you can read more here). In a lengthy post on Facebook (which you may be able to read here), she cites the high costs of virtual space in Second Life, issues of intellectual property and ownership, Anley's extended absence and other reasons for the cessation. Cherry plans to relocate her creative energy to OpenSim, in particular FrancoGrid, but stresses that she's not leaving Second Life entirely. A closing party for Mysterious Wave is scheduled for Sunday, 23 November, at 12 noon slt.

14 November 2014

The Bay

As Mz Marville took me on a tour of the new adult sim The Bay, she would good-naturedly say things like, "This is the sex bath tub with the LGBTQ wall rack." If that's not your kink, you're still likely to find something that is — but don't delay a visit, because much of the sim is open to visitors only until November 21, when a fee-based group membership will be required. The Bay's landing point will deliver you to the insides of a beached pirate ship (middle image), and upon exiting you'll find yourself in a lush rainforest environment, with broad rivers and towering rocky outcrops that host waterfalls, all beautifully landscaped.

Suggesting that it offers a "new mischievous and adventure filled sim experience," The Bay is peppered with locations for couples, and many of the rocks, logs and other objects (even lily pads) offer built-in animations. You'll discover a mud wrestling pit, ziplines, and, beyond a pair of closed doors, the main dungeon. Eventually the sim will include several skybox dungeons as well ("all have privacy enabled," I'm informed), and construction on those and some other sky venues is already underway. The sim will host regular music events — to stay abreast of happenings, and to see the sim rules and design credits, visit The Bay's website. If you'd like to leave a contribution, use the treasure chest near the landing point.

13 November 2014

Chaos, Kosmos

Now open at LEA21 is a new installation by Giovanna Cerise entitled Chaos, Kosmos (in fact as I write this the opening reception is underway). Typical of Giovanna's work, is makes use of an extensive number of semi-transparent prims that are mathematically arranged in various structures, and they are certainly spaces that come alive much more in person than in a two-dimensional image. It's a beautiful, complex artwork that will probably require multiple visits to fully appreciate.

In explaining her work, Giovanna describes the relationship between Chaos and Kosmos: the former being everywhere, unstructured, but the foundation for the latter, the "good and rational order of the world." As she explained to me, "The algorithm can be seen as a way to link the disorder to order," and the flow diagram of algorithms she used in the work can be spotted on the water (second image, as seen from above). In the area shown below, neumes make reference to music, and you'll find many discrete sections of the build that, as Giovanna puts it, show the "creative act of the artist who derives a sense, an aesthetic and meaningful order from formless matter."

To get around from the landing point, you can click on the compass you'll discover there, and then on the compass again at each location you visit. (There are many transparent prims around, so you might need to get quite close to each compass to click.) Even then, you'll need to fly around to really experience the entire build, which is substantial. And while Giovanna suggests sunset or midnight windlight settings, others can produce remarkable results, so I would suggest some experimentation. Chaos, Kosmos will be on display through the end of December.

10 November 2014

The Sea of Cubic Dreams (Revisited)

When I first wrote about The Sea of Cubic Dreams back in August (see here), it was a dreamy deep blue and teal, but now (possibly in conjunction with the Halloween season) it's more of a nightmarish blood red. (This is all dependent on your accepting the region's windlight settings.)

The installation has also acquired a temple-like build that I don't recall having seen there before (upper image). The interactive opportunity remains the same: get close to a cube, sit on it, and then give it a shove to get it sailing across the space — I recommend trying it in mouselook. No word yet on the previously announced larger expansion, Theater Night's Dream, which was to have been built overhead.

04 November 2014

Black Kite

It's been a couple years since I last wrote about Black Kite, the fabulous water region designed by theblackcloud Oh, and it remains one of the grid's most striking places, with its deep teal skies and waters, lush green trees and grasses, and champagne-colored boardwalks that traverse the region, connecting destinations. It embodies serenity, offering a multitude of places to sit, relax, or cuddle with a friend, both inside (a number of small buildings offer distinctive settings — one, you'll discover, is private) and outside.

From almost any vantage point, Black Kite is a photogenic location, attesting to the design skills of theblackcloud — there's a uniformity to the sim, but it presents distinct areas at the same time. Be on the lookout for interactive poses, such as the blue bottles in the southwest corner of the sim and the rainbow-colored bubbles. If you're in the mood to shop, the intimate 8f8 store is now located near the center of the sim, offering curios and fun items. (Not surprisingly, Black Kite recently had a copy-cat, which disturbed theblackcloud enough that she temporarily closed the sim, and fortunately the other location in question has modified its design.) If you'd like to have rez rights (30) or even set Black Kite as your home, simply join the land group.

02 November 2014

Notes — Bryn Oh, Kylie Jaxxon, Jo Ellsmere, Iono Allen

If you haven't fully explored Bryn Oh's The Singuarity of Kumiko (upper image, head here for further reading) your time is now running short, as Bryn has announced that the installation will close within the span of a few weeks to make way for something new at Immersiva. Head here to teleport directly.

And Kylie Jaxxon has announced that, because of unfortunate health issues, her sim The Trace (middle image, read here about the current build) will close its doors this week on Wednesday, November 5. Head here to teleport directly. I wish Kylie all the best and hope she returns in great health to create something new in the future.

Lastly, I've blogged a couple times about Jo Ellsmere's breathtaking work Biomechanics (most recently here). Machinima artist extraordinaire Iono Allen just posted a lovely video on Vimeo documenting the work, and I've embedded it below. (Click here to visit Iono's stream.)

01 November 2014

Taxy! to the Zircus

Now open at MetaLES, curated by Ux Hax, Romy Nayer and Lanjran Choche, is Taxy! to the Zircus, an interactive installation by Eupalinos Ugajin. I adjectify "installation" with "interactive" because the work fundamentally requires our corporeal interaction (or virtually so, at least) to see what it is: as we approach its various parts and piece, we're usually given an opportunity to "sit" on it, placing ourselves in a pose or animation that completes the artwork. That isn't to say the interaction makes the artwork more understandable — Eupalinos's work strikes me as delightfully absurd, with references to surrealism, Duchamp, Dada, Fluxus and a small dash of what Cage may have playfully called "purposeful purposelessness" — and indeed its meaning remains on certain levels impenetrable, which to me makes it all the most interesting — but without our direct participation we're not really viewing the completed piece of artwork. (It all reminded me of Merleau-Ponty saying, "We know not through our intellect but through our experience.")

If all that's sounding overly abstruse (and I'll mercifully leave it at that), just head over to Taxy! and enjoy it — it's an installation that's guaranteed to make you smile, with its jumble of associations and juxtapositions (is that cow holding a target for you as you're shot from a cannon?). You'll find as you arrive that you're invited to click on things, and they're either going to cause actions, or, more likely, through you into a pose or animation. Sometimes it's best to jump into mouselook as you're moved about, changing your perspective. The installation will be on display through the end of December, and, knowing Eupalinos, he might well add something new now and then. (If you fall to the ground you'll find, in a far corner of the sim, a place to leave a contribution to help support MetaLES.)

30 October 2014

Artist Shops at Remood United Portugal

Nestled on a little avenue in the sim Remood United Portugal is a delightful new row of shops featuring works by some of Second Life's most interesting artists: Meiló Minotaur, Eupalinos Ugajin, Maya Paris, Kikas & Marmaduke (Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado), Cica Ghost, Whiskey Monday, Ole Etzel, and Alpha Auer. The owner of the sim, KhrysT Lords (Khryst Neox), has gracefully provided this space for free, working with Meiló, while Eupa has been instrumental in organizing the larger group.

Many of the items are offered for free, among them some delightfully silly poses by Kikas & Marmaduke, avatars by Meiló, and avatars and related objects by Alpha Auer, while other artworks and objects are offered for low prices. Rather than create a shop with items for sale, Maya opted to create a space with some delightful interactive animations. Stop back again after your first visit, because there's some possibility that more artists may join this initiative over time. (Several other unrelated shops are also located on the row.)