29 August 2014


Now open at Galeria Mexico is an exhibition of recent works by fractal artist Gem Preiz entitled Fiat. Unlike some of Gem's exhibitions, Fiat features works on a smaller, more intimate scale (I've left myself in the top image to provide a sense of proportion). "Man aims," Gem says as an introduction to Fiat, "to understand the universe which surrounds him. His genius enabled him to interpret the reality through Euclid's geometry, the principles of which are enough to make the world manageable. But he has suspected that the Nature is not so simple and he is heading now towards secrets which he tries to decipher in the Material and the stars, the melting pot of any life."

The show is presented in two parts: downstairs, the walls are stark white (middle image), and this section, Geometries, includes seven works "governed by Euclid's rules, where the parallel lines join only in the infinity and where the shortest way between two points is the straight line." Upstairs, in a completely dark environment, the second half of the exhibit is Genesis, comprised of seven piece "featuring worlds in forming on stellar backgrounds" (the background textures from NASA/JPL images), and Gem has included seven spheres textured with Google Earth extracts. The exhibition will be up through the month of September.

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