23 April 2015

PimperPuppets: Being beautiful in the art scene

Serge, Samantha, Bridgit, Helen, Lucia, Sullivan, Curt and Susann vie for influence in the cut-throat world of artists and exhibitions in the delightful PimperPuppets production, Being beautiful in the art scene, by d-oo-b (Eifachfilm Vacirca), now showing at LEA9 through the end of May. "Serge has been chosen to feature his art in the Grand Hall," begins the synopsis. "He is determined to impress everyone. But Lucia steps out of his shadow." An animated performance using puppets originally modeled in real life by Eif, whose professional background is in theatre and videography, the production runs every 5 minutes — just take a seat to watch everything unfold before you.

Before you watch the play, however, I would suggest walking up to each of the PimperPuppets at the landing point. As you approach, they'll tell you more about their characters through chat bubbles that appear over their heads. And none of them is particularly likeable: "They are sort of pimps," Eif quipped, "having artists as their whores. (Art and prostitution were always connected, by the way.) They have lizard eyes, determined to succeed. Fame is their drug, and no one is really morally complete." Their determination to succeed is indeed far more important to them than the artwork itself, and they don't hesitate to stab one another in the back to advance their own agendas.

After the performance, you're invited to visit the various sets, where you're invited to set foot directly into the scenes you just witnessed. "Theoretically," Eif said, "the audience can step into the picture and comment," opening up another possible layer into the storyline for onlookers. When Being beautiful in the art scene concludes its run at LEA9, Eif plans to stage a follow-up performance (at another sim) in which Curt, Lucia and Samantha take a vacation to go climbing in China. More about the current production can be found on Eif's blog, including information on added events, although eventually those posts will move further down. The avatars are also available for sale on the Marketplace.

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