07 July 2013


Jedda Zenovka, the artist behind Heartseed in the sim Terravia Island, describes herself as a "creator of fantasy tripped immersive environments," which should give a clue as to what you'll encounter. When I first visited a few months ago (probably by following someone else's profile favorite), I was impressed by this crazy place, filled with all sorts of strange mushrooms, plants, animals and swirling objects. Jedda was very welcoming but said Heartseed was under renovation, and when she contacted me again a couple weeks ago I was curious to see what had evolved.

You'll have fun exploring this quarter-sim, and do take time to look up, as there's a huge something-or-other overhead that looks somewhat organic—actually almost everything looks somewhat organic. Take a look underwater, too, and hunt around for poses. (And while you're in the sim, you might want to drop by to the parcel on the east, Chive, a collaboration between ZennyB and Aash Hayabusa.)

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