31 August 2009


My partner Barbie Pomilio is probably about ready to serve me with divorce papers, the way I've been hardly inworld in the evenings lately ... I'm sure hoping she doesn't, because she's awesome and I've had a lot of my best times in SL with her! :) We met long ago at the old House of Nishi capture maze ... I was standing there, forlornly waiting at the entryway for someone to show up (I like being chased!), when up she walked, except that first time I ended up capturing her!

29 August 2009

Babele Fashion

If I'm going to start somewhere, it might as well be with Babele Fashion, which occupies a great deal of my time now ... Here you can find tons of great ladies fashion, ranging from evening dresses to totally sexy or even slutty outfits. I met Babele's designer, Pinco Janus, through my partner, Barbie Pomilio, more than a year ago, and PInco works tirelessly to build new creations for Babele and to increase the brand's presence in Second Life. Recently she purchased a sim for the new main store, which you can visit here.

Here's the interior of the new flagship store ... and that's just one floor! Plus, we have many other designers with shops on the island, so come visit! :)


Hi everyone ... Yes, time to start a blog! Give me a shout inworld if you're around ... or bug my alt, Tessa Derryth ... I'll be posting things here ranging from cool places to explore to photos of friends to fashion and business news ... For me, Second Life has been a continually evolving adventure, and I'm sure this blog will reflect that journey.