22 April 2011

Eggs and Legs

Just in time for Easter, Autumn Teardrop came out with the playful A.T. Easter Basket (click to zoom). Wear the alpha layer to hide your top, the panties to hide your naughty bits, and the basket of eggs and—voilà!—you're now ready to walk around in style. You and your friends can click on the basket to receive free edible chocolates, animation included. Visit Autumn's store to get yours for only L$159!

Here I'm wearing a skirt from a lovely new Lady Thera outfit (not included of course), and at my feet is a grim little Easter freebie sent by Cutea Benelli to the Grim Bros. group.

03 April 2011

Nemo! Yay!

Hooray! Sanity has prevailed! Now I can say run, run to Nemo Revisited, where the ground texture problem has been fixed (thanks, Ozz Seattle), and you can enjoy Nemo in all its intended splendor. The House of Mirrors is also there! ("I'm gonna make you my official lawyer!" Sextan quipped.) ;)

02 April 2011

Nemo Catastrophe

I'm going to say this because Sextan Shepherd is too much of a gentleman to say it. Like lots of people, I was thrilled to hear that Sextan was rebuilding Nemo, his underwater steampunk city, for the Fantasy Faire. With a few subtle tweaks here and there, it's pretty close to the same thing as the original. But ... what's this outside the window? Well, until a couple days ago, just as Sextan finished his build, it was a nice sandy underwater look, perfectly appropriate to the build. But whoever runs this sim for the Fantasy Faire decided to change the ground texture to make it look "more steampunk" from what I understand, with the result that it visually destroys Sextan's entire work. So if you go, you're going to have to hold your nose as you look out the windows. It's absolutely hideous, and it's a shame that the integrity of an artist's creation has been so destroyed without any consideration. Plus, the organizers asked Sextan if he wanted a store to market his creations, and when he said yes he was informed he'd have to pay for it. So: shame on you, Fantasy Faire people, for being so arrogant as to take advantage of a well known SL artist and then to destroy his work by changing the setting after it was completed. My recommendation—don't visit Nemo Revisited if you have any inclination to hold on to your memories of the original build. This is a disaster.