27 March 2011

Adieu, Boughan's Chance

All the time I've been writing this blog I've never written about Boughan's Chance at Walkaloosa, a lovely sim, and now: too late. This precious place, which has been my home for the past three years (although I was but a squatter in a skybox), closed this morning, a victim of cost. My warmest thanks to Mr. Boughan Humphreys, its owner (heavily steampunked (or something!) below), who provided many moments of laughter and merriment over the years. I'm going to miss those huge Sue Stonebender trees swaying in the breeze, the curios dotting the island, and the wry sense of humor that permeated the region. One of my favorite things to do in Second Life has been to just fly in circles around and around the island, somehow so relaxing. Now it's time to move on.

12 March 2011

Silly Stuff: The Mad Tea Party

One of the things I love most about Grim Bros. is that when I walk around the store I sometimes burst out laughing. And that's good medicine for anyone, right? Cutea Benelli's tragically warped imagination continues to come up with some of the most delightfully absurd items in Second Life, and today, dear readers, I present to you The Mad Tea Party, a gown obviously inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. (Click the photos to zoom in.) Just the checkered dress, you ask? Oh, no, I answer: it's everything you see, including the table, chairs, teapots (of which there are many, including quite a display on my hat, and even attached to my upper arms!), the March Hare, the Dormouse, a house of cards and a clock (plus probably a few other things I've yet to notice). Mind you, this striking assemblage has a considerable avatar rendering cost, but its Linden dollar cost is only 520, a steal! Run to Grim Bros. at Clematis Island and shop to your heart's content.