31 October 2010

Nemo Machinima

Hi everyone. Over the past week I've made some machinima about Nemo and would like to share the links on Vimeo with you. I've never really made any serious machinima before, so I'm sure I'll improve over time. Enjoy. (And there's one more on Nemo on the way.) To see these in higher resolution, head over to my Vimeo page.

Second Life: Nemo I, the underground city from Ziki Questi on Vimeo.

Second Life: Nemo II, Northelia from Ziki Questi on Vimeo.

Second Life: Nemo III, Alnitak, the flying city from Ziki Questi on Vimeo.

27 October 2010

Good-Bye, Nemo!

People keep trying to reassure me and calm me down, but I'm still chagrined that the incredible steampunk city Nemo, created by the amazing Sextan Shepherd, will close its doors on October 29th, in just a couple days. I've been busy shooting some machinima of this fabulous place—truly one of the gems of virtual worlds—and will post that on Vimeo, but it's not much compensation. Sextan assures me that he's planning to build something even more remarkable, so I'll try to be an optimist! (Could I include any more superlatives?) In the meantime, RUN to Nemo and enjoy it before it's gone! http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Futuna/89/148/21