30 January 2011

Silly Stuff: June's Dollhouse

The other day I logged in to find my Second Life avatar, above, playing around in Third Life. Well, no, actually, what yours truly is playing with is just an amazing little creation by June Trenkins, a stunning wearable dollhouse—which is great because you can "wear" it anywhere, even in no-rez sims—that's for sale for only L$1 at Kattastrophe, a store in the sim Calypso that June shares with her friend Katta. A 256 prim miniature build, the dollhouse includes dolls and even little poseballs (see the downstairs sofa and chair, the upstairs bed, and the chair in the upper library!). It's a terrific conversation piece, and comes with a children's version that gives you a sitting pose (doesn't work for large avatars, sorry), and also includes a doll ("real" sized) and a wearable swing. What more could you want for a buck? Plus, if you visit Kattastrophe you'll find a ton of other delightful and crazy items.

23 January 2011

The Cod Supper Club

Devoted blog readers will be familiar with the venerable if seedy establishment known as Flashmans about which I've written a couple times, and yesterday many old Flashers, including yours truly, had a blast at its 4th anniversary party in the sim of Esoterica. The original proprietor of Flashmans, Martin Ren (a man of many qualities), was on hand to help spin some tunes.

Of late, however, Martin's attention has been focused on his new watering hole, The Cod Supper Club, which quietly opened its doors a few months back in Olberlos, site of Flashmans Mark 2. Martin describes the Cod as "an eclectic and relaxed hangout for eclectic and relaxed people, specialising in retro music just off the beaten track," by which Martin means just about anything under the sun—jazz, lounge, folk, beat, soul, world, classical, roots, anything from the 20s through the 70s. Music aside, it's likely to be the esoteric, eccentric and wide-ranging conversation that will captivate your attention.

When you arrive at the Cod you'll never know what to expect because the space features several distinct architectural designs or modules that Martin can change in the blink of an eye. At my last visit, shown here, we danced in a darkish club scene, but you might very well arrive to find trees and a field of grass. Martin says he's completed four of these sets so far and is working on more. (Above, that's Martin second from the left, with me on the far right, and below, Martin with the lovely Sophie DuCasse.)

20 January 2011

Silly Stuff: Om Nom Nom

Crunch, crunch, crunch ... those wings are tasty! Yes, it's the Oops! Munch Faery (or what's left of it), a nice little creation by Evangeline Miles, owner of Evie's Closet in the region Oubliette, and if you're hungry you too can obtain one at her shop for only L$50! (Mine is an older violet model, but now for sale is a newer Monarch-winged creature—a little better I think.) She also sells a Goldfish Mer Munch for those of you who prefer to live underwater or just like a little seafood in your avatar's diet from time to time.

Now, I was going to also post a link for where to get the lovely razor shown below (CoG Design Shave GuM), but sadly its creator, mariesophie Vita, has pulled it from sale. I had already taken the photo, so there you go. And you can still visit her store, CoG Design, here. :) (No little winged people or razor blades were harmed in the creation of this blog post.)

18 January 2011

Silly Stuff: Walking Drinks Tray

I collect a lot of silly things in Second Life (I like to make people laugh, as my friends might tell you), and I thought I'd start blogging about some of those crazy items from time to time. So here's the first one (for no particular reason), the Walking Drinks Tray created by Autumn Teardrop. This is a complete avatar—an alpha layer hides your top, and you wear the drinks tray—simple enough—and the tray even dispenses drinks to people who click on it! Panties are included, but you can wear anything you'd like on the legs, or just show them off (they're your usual legs, of course). With a good AO you'll be strutting around handing out champagne in no time, and it always makes people laugh.

13 January 2011

Go Get Lost

Yes, go get lost, literally. My newfound friend Connie Darcy (whom my partner Barbie and I met with her partner Bib Aabye at Babele Fashion) has constructed a colossal maze in the region Cloverfirld—two mazes, actually—by far the largest I've ever seen in Second Life. Click at the entrance to receive an optional HUD that will give you an overhead view as you walk along.

The upper maze, which Connie nonchalantly calls the "easy" maze (aaargh! NOT!), exits into a central tower, atop which you can see me and Barbie in the photo above. (If you click on the photo to zoom in, you'll see that the lovely Barbie was so traumatized from the experience that she pulled out Ernie teh Sock Monkey—a super-handy item for those moments of stress, created by BaileyMarie Princess—get one for only L$100 at Abbey Island.)

It's not easy to find your way, believe me, and to make matters worse we gave up and cheated. ;-) I haven't had the energy to try the lower, harder maze yet, but if you spot me wandering lost in there, please lend a hand!