13 January 2011

Go Get Lost

Yes, go get lost, literally. My newfound friend Connie Darcy (whom my partner Barbie and I met with her partner Bib Aabye at Babele Fashion) has constructed a colossal maze in the region Cloverfirld—two mazes, actually—by far the largest I've ever seen in Second Life. Click at the entrance to receive an optional HUD that will give you an overhead view as you walk along.

The upper maze, which Connie nonchalantly calls the "easy" maze (aaargh! NOT!), exits into a central tower, atop which you can see me and Barbie in the photo above. (If you click on the photo to zoom in, you'll see that the lovely Barbie was so traumatized from the experience that she pulled out Ernie teh Sock Monkey—a super-handy item for those moments of stress, created by BaileyMarie Princess—get one for only L$100 at Abbey Island.)

It's not easy to find your way, believe me, and to make matters worse we gave up and cheated. ;-) I haven't had the energy to try the lower, harder maze yet, but if you spot me wandering lost in there, please lend a hand!

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