18 January 2011

Silly Stuff: Walking Drinks Tray

I collect a lot of silly things in Second Life (I like to make people laugh, as my friends might tell you), and I thought I'd start blogging about some of those crazy items from time to time. So here's the first one (for no particular reason), the Walking Drinks Tray created by Autumn Teardrop. This is a complete avatar—an alpha layer hides your top, and you wear the drinks tray—simple enough—and the tray even dispenses drinks to people who click on it! Panties are included, but you can wear anything you'd like on the legs, or just show them off (they're your usual legs, of course). With a good AO you'll be strutting around handing out champagne in no time, and it always makes people laugh.

1 comment:

  1. I have heard from a reliable source those arent really your legs on this drink tray!! I have it on good authority you havent shaved your SL legs for at least 700 days!!