20 November 2009

AM Radio's The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart

When I think about art in Second Life I always think of AM Radio, our master of depth, distance and perception ... whose work mixes quietude with an occasional dash of potential silliness. Art in America ought to be covering AM's work here as seriously as they do that of many real world artists (nudge to Cathy Lebowitz, Nancy Princenthal et al hehe). I arrived here this evening at AM Radio's IDIA Laboratories installation, The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart, after discovering that one of my favorite sims, Second Krakow, seems to have vanished ... never a good sensation! Thankfully this awesome place is still here (AM says he has thoughts to expand it), and here he and I are looking out at a wheat field on fire. (As always, just click on the photos to zoom in.)

If you haven't visited one of AM's sim-wide installations before, you're in for a treat. Rarely in Second Life is one able to experience the sensation of vistas such as one finds here, with sky and clouds slowly drifting, sweeping across the plain that disappears into the horizon. Here we experience a true expanse -- set your draw distance way up. To see this area, click here.

But that's not all ... because down below is the second half of the installation (or perhaps I have them reversed). I have never seen snow this beautiful in Second Life, and the stillness is eerily haunting ... one can easily imagine the sound of the crystalline snowflakes as they hit the ground. To see this area, arrive here. Clearly I'm shivering in this skimpy dress, but AM remarked, "I think it IS hot, where ever that dress may be." ;-) It's Babele Fashion's "La Gioconda" outfit, and I hope AM won't mind me saying that he said of it, "very nice texture work." A great compliment from a great artist. (And thanks to my friend Naxos for first introducing this sim to me.)

19 November 2009


People often ask me where I found my skin and shape, and when I reply "Allure -- Naela Carter's store," they usually say, "Where? Never heard of it." I'm not sure why Naela's store is such a well kept secret, but it shouldn't be. Her numerous shapes and skins are fabulous, and I stopped by here today to check out her captivating new decor. (Click on the photo to zoom in.) My skin is one of her old ones, called Alexia, and I absolutely love it. You can also find a small but growing collection of attire here, too. Visit Allure.

My outfit in this photo is the new Gown Dark Gray by Babele Fashion's Pinco Janus (minus the gown -- this is one of those outfits you can mix and match in a variety of ways). Visit Babele Fashion.

15 November 2009

Amondeu Artisans Guild

Just by chance today I met Kilara Balnarring, who has a cool shop called Amondeu Artisans Guild, where all of her creations are free! She makes all sorts of cool objects, and here's a free Statue of Liberty avatar she's modeling. Where else can you find dancing sheep, a rat on a stick and a gun that shoots rats? Visit her shop.

14 November 2009

Mariposa-Monarch Slave Silks

Every now and then, something really catches my eye. One of our Babele Fashion customers arrived wearing this the other day, and I knew right then I had to have it. (Click the image for a larger view.) Created by ally Chevalier of AC Designs, this slave silk is one of many lovely things at her shop, and beautifully executed. Visit AC Designs. Photo taken at Boughan's Chance at Walkaloosa. :)