19 November 2009


People often ask me where I found my skin and shape, and when I reply "Allure -- Naela Carter's store," they usually say, "Where? Never heard of it." I'm not sure why Naela's store is such a well kept secret, but it shouldn't be. Her numerous shapes and skins are fabulous, and I stopped by here today to check out her captivating new decor. (Click on the photo to zoom in.) My skin is one of her old ones, called Alexia, and I absolutely love it. You can also find a small but growing collection of attire here, too. Visit Allure.

My outfit in this photo is the new Gown Dark Gray by Babele Fashion's Pinco Janus (minus the gown -- this is one of those outfits you can mix and match in a variety of ways). Visit Babele Fashion.

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