12 February 2010

Bewitched (previously Bentham Forest)

If you're looking for a cool sim to explore, someplace maybe a little creepy, incredibly photo-friendly and atmospheric, take a look at Bentham Forest, a "haunted dark forest" created by Andrek Lowell and its owner, Lauren Bentham. You'll want to be in midnight here (or in some dark Windlight setting, like these photos).

It's a PG sim, so don't show up without any clothes on! :)

My skin in these shots is by Fallen Gods (Pacific), hair is from Truth (Charlie, apple tint), and the outfit (which goes remarkably well with the skin!) is from Babele Fashion (the Extreme Overknee Violet Silk).

Update, 18 October 2011: Bentham Forest is now known as Bewitched and is owned by Natalie Montagne. You can visit by heading here.