20 January 2011

Silly Stuff: Om Nom Nom

Crunch, crunch, crunch ... those wings are tasty! Yes, it's the Oops! Munch Faery (or what's left of it), a nice little creation by Evangeline Miles, owner of Evie's Closet in the region Oubliette, and if you're hungry you too can obtain one at her shop for only L$50! (Mine is an older violet model, but now for sale is a newer Monarch-winged creature—a little better I think.) She also sells a Goldfish Mer Munch for those of you who prefer to live underwater or just like a little seafood in your avatar's diet from time to time.

Now, I was going to also post a link for where to get the lovely razor shown below (CoG Design Shave GuM), but sadly its creator, mariesophie Vita, has pulled it from sale. I had already taken the photo, so there you go. And you can still visit her store, CoG Design, here. :) (No little winged people or razor blades were harmed in the creation of this blog post.)

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