28 January 2010

Sue Stonebender

I've never met Sue Stonebender, but her work has touched me in Second Life. After many years of building and creating, Sue has been winding down her business in Second Life—it's been known for a while—and her store, House of Serendipity (temporarily hosted at Alchemy Immortalis), will close its doors forever this coming Sunday, January 31st. Almost everything there is now deeply discounted, and it's now or never to get copies of her elegant and lovely work.

On the sim where I live, Boughan's Chance (photo at top), I am blessed to have enjoyed some of Sue's enormous arboreal creations, including her Ancient Salix Babylonica Tree (I'm in the second photo lying in its huge branches), her Stately Old Magnolia Gradiflora Tree, her Grizzled Old Apple Tree (which actually drops apples you can pick up! ... below I'm on its lovely tire swing), her Tortured Swamp Chestnut Oak Draped with Spanish Moss, and her Giving Tree, which doubles as a microfinance program for the working poor in first life. I love them. They're works of art, and I know I'm not alone in my admiration. I could watch them swaying in the wind for hours. Plus, Sue has made other fine things ... pianos, jewelry, Christmas items and more. I just ran over to her store to get copies of many things for myself (I don't have a place to put them, but I will treasure them!). Thank you, Sue.

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