15 September 2010

UWA Forest & Metallic Sea, Strangers Also Dance

Kudos to the University of Western Australia for using one of its three regions for visiting artists—in this case installations by Soror Nishi, quadrapop Lane and Glyph Graves. Soror's work, entitled Forest, is quintessential Soror—as I said somewhere or other I always think of Dr. Suess on acid. (I mean that in the nicest possible way, no offense intended to the Geisel family.) Soror's work, shown above, is a substantial sprawl of her curious vegetation, while quadrapop's contribution, Metallic Sea, is much smaller but wonderfully elegant—metallic grass that sways in the wind (shown below, although you'll have to see it in person to really enjoy the slow and subtle movement).

Glyph's contribution, entitled Strangers Also Dance, provides some instructions here, and you have to follow them to really see the artwork. (Otherwise you're going to think ho-hum, nothing here.) Head over to the structure in the water, and sit ... and then be transported up to the main body of work. All I can say about my attempts to capture any of it in photos: epic fail. It's a world in constant motion. So go see it for yourself. :)

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