12 April 2012

Mcarp Land

I was surprised to see Mcarp Land on a Linden Endowment for the Arts sim (it seems quite atypical of the usual LEA fare), but it is a fun place, and it's up until August, so there's plenty of time to explore this rich creation. Its masterminds, Mcarp Mavendorf and Aley (whom Mcarp credits with the more beautiful parts of the build) say, "A lot of clocks, a cathedral, a castle, wierd machines and a lot of clocks. Did I mention clocks? Yes, we have a lot of them. Really just a front for the Sea of Aley..."

And that's true, because above the ground is playful and picturesque (I love the giant girl, who looks strikingly like Mcarp), but down below there's an acquatic world that's even busier. And there are prizes to be found in the sim's treasure hunt. Just find a treasure chest (there are more than twenty down in the depths, and they may eventually rez some above ground too), and voilà! You can take a tunnel down to Captain Nemo's workshop, although you won't be too much reminded of Sextan Shepherd's glorious Nemo sim of old. They're always tweaking the place—last I saw Mcarp was putting in a sky bucket lift.

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