05 May 2012

Neva River

About a month ago, Wendy Xeno, the creator of HuMaNoiD, invited me over to see a new sim she was designing, Neva River, owned by Second Life bloggers and photographers Atteris Amarth & Neva Crystall. Over the past several weeks, Atteris and Neva have been fine tuning the sim, which features a couple of beautiful showcase homes with interior design by Neva (you're allowed enter them).

Today Neva River opened to the public, and if you enjoy HuMaNoiD you'll certainly want to visit—this is destined to become a popular location, with its serene mood and beautiful horizons. Be sure to use the recommended environment settings, and turn your draw distance way up for best effect. Thanks to Atteris and Neva for sharing this enchanting location, and kudos to Wendy Xeno for her elegant design. I'll be posting some images on my flickr stream.


  1. Ziki, thank you so much for this wonderful article! The text, the images - everything is amazing! And well, I'm just speechless! Both me and Neva are so honoured! And again big thanks to Wendy! The job she's done - that is fantastic!!!

  2. Atteris, the place is great. :) Thanks to you and Neva for giving me a sneak peek, and for commissioning Wendy to create the landscape!

  3. this is really wonderful Ziki! I love pics you did!!♥