03 December 2009

Dreaming Night in HPMD

The lovely sim known as Happy Mood, owned by yuyu Flores, really deserves its own blog entry ... a delightful place of curios and things to make you smile. But additionally from December 1st through 31st, HPMD is home to a beautiful creation called Dreaming Night by Coyura Cazalet, Ino Jie and Sasaya Kayo. As you arrive at Dreaming Night you have a choice of entering three interconnected spherical worlds--Secret Party, Yule Log and Goofy Santa, each of which presents its own delights. (Above, I'm being flown about in wandering fashion in Goofy Santa, closely monitored by a team of pigs perched on a giant Santa (click to zoom in).)

The dress in the photo is new from Babele Fashion, the Uncinetto Red, a perfect outfit for the holidays!

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