13 December 2009

Flashmans Redux

A while back I blogged about Flashmans, that venerable (if seedy) old gathering hole. Sadly, the old girl (in the words of its now retired proprietor Martin Ren) closed her doors on December 11th, 2009, as Martin hung up his hat. (Above, I'm catching a last dance with the also venerable (if seedy) Boughan Humphreys.) Some of us knew that Martin was building a new Flashmans, though, and she opened her doors the following day, now under the gentle care of Miss Echo Underwood and Miss Phideaux Mayo in the sim Esoterica. More photos are on my flickr stream--and one below here from the new establishment.

My dress in the top photo is new from Babele Fashion, the Tight Wool Blue Xcite! compatible, and in the bottom pic the even newer Wool and Lace Dark Xcite! compatible.

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