17 May 2010

Abbey Island

I always enjoy stopping by Abbey Island & The New Abbey Island Dance & Sex Resort. (How can you resist, with a name like that?) Like the nearby sim of Innsmouth, you'll see the handiwork of owners Darmin Darkes and BaileyMarie Princess throughout, ranging from the incredible build of the Abbey—recently renovated—to the striking landscaping. As you arrive, you'll find yourself at the southern edge of the sim, bordering Deviant, which is also well worth a look. Before you head up the walk to the Abbey, make sure to turn up your draw distance, and also make sure your RenderVolumeLODFactor is turned up (which it should be anyway—read the worthy blog post from Bax Coen there), because there are lots of sculpties that can otherwise refuse to rez. You'll arrive at the charming mall area, and be sure to turn right and buy something from my Babele Fashion shop (haha!) and visit BaileyMarie's DP Fashions and Darmin's A2 Design shops, along with all the other merchants (yes, we help support the sim!). If you hunt around a little, you'll discover where you can get your official Abbey Island Waffle and Creepy Sock Mousie.

Walk up the steps to The Abbey, an amazing structure that hosts the club, where you can often find and hang out with an eclectic group of people and occasionally find some live music as well. There are games to play here (at least I think they're all playable!)—chess, puzzle games, cribbage, U-Know, Clued Up!, mahjong, as well as some art exhibitions. But cam below the floor and you will discover several levels of spaces available for more devious activity! Everywhere, though, you'll be captivated by the incredible detail—from the subterranean waterway to way up in the attic! Dotting the island around the Abbey are a beach (where part of a crashed plane has been transformed into a bar), cottages, waterfalls and some gorgeous foliage. To the east is the sim Paradiso, and then further east the glorious sim of Innsmouth.


  1. What happened to Deviant? I liked that place.

  2. Deviant moved—the sim was sold, and one day moved to some other location. Darmin or Bam said it had been redesigned—too bad, as it was a great sim, and I liked the way it connected to Abbey Island.