30 May 2010

Deadly Danielle

A couple days ago there was a post on New World Notes called How Do You Want Second Life Fashion Blogs to Improve? With such complaints as "little explanation why the highlighted fashion is high quality or original," I thought maybe I should dip my toe in the waters, as I usually post about places, there being so many good fashion blogs out there already. Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros. released this gorgeous skin-shape combination, Deadly Danielle, which is one of the most lovingly made creations I've seen. Blemishes, scars, burns, bruises and scrapes are treated with the utmost care. Although you can't see Deadly Danielle's ears in this photo (I'm wearing colorful curlers by June Trenkins), skin tones are a perfect match, and the skin shows virtually no seams. With Emerald's enhanced breast physics turned on, Danielle's shape makes quite a statement as she saunters along, especially if she's running or engaged in any kind of strenuous activity.

What I'm wearing:
Grim Bros.: Deadly Danielle shape and skin
Grim Bros.: desertsand grampas tank shirt
Grim Bros.: jeans green and blood
June Trenkins: Curlers / Lockenwickler :D multicolored
Wednesday Grimm: Cigarette (not shown in either photo, but she looks great with it)

(And yes, I'm just poking fun at all of us...but Deadly Danielle gets lots of heads turning and is loads of laughs!) ;)


  1. Cutea Benelli absolutely rools! Grim Bros is a wonderful source of stuff for when you want to express some idea other than "look how fabulously conventional I look!". <3 <3 <3

  2. Cutea is freakin' brilliant. I told her a few weeks ago that I had just stepped into Grim Bros (and frankly sometimes I think to myself, "How can she come up with anything new?") and saw something that was so outrageous that I burst out laughing. As my friend Martin Ren once said, one cannot help but wonder at Cutea's endless creativity. One of the true jewels of the metaverse. I think the world of her. :)

  3. Yes, indeed, Bell. :) And it's high time I pulled Danielle out of my inventory for another romp around the grid.