04 June 2010

Nemo II Sneak Peek!

The incredibly industrious Sextan Shepherd, master of steampunk textures and creator of Nemo, has been quietly at work on a new project: Nemo II! It opens tomorrow, Saturday, June 5th, but Sextan was kind enough to give me a sneak peek of this great new place. It's on the same sim as Nemo, and exists largely above ground. Pictured above is a centerpiece of Nemo II, a massive new creation, the Nautilus—Captain Nemo's submarine!

Access to Nemo II is actually through the tunnels of Nemo—you can see above that Sextan and I have entered Nemo II in a mine, the Orichalcum mine. Orichalcum, an especially rare substance that—according to Plato—powered Atlantis, also supplies the energy for the entire Nemo installation. Trams lead you out of the mine and around Nemo II, and one of the destinations is the planetarium, crowned with a massive telescope (below). I can't give a landmark from Nemo II (no way to get there right now!), and I'm not going to post more photos yet, but when it opens you can find it by visiting Nemo. Enjoy! (P.S. Sextan said to me, "Then I will start to build Nemo III!")

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