16 June 2010

Thanks, Ex-Lindens!

It was a sad farewell party yesterday at Dublin 2 for those Lindens who lost their jobs last week. Touted as the "Ex-Linden Independence Day Party" and kindly hosted by Ham Rambler, it drew a throng of well-wishers. I wasn't there at the very outset and so I may have missed a few appearances, but was glad to see Aimee, Babbage, Byron, Lotte, Molly, Teagan and Teeple Linden pay a visit, along with Whump who came as Whump Stickfigure. A couple of older ex-Lindens also stopped by—Neuro Guillaume and Hamlet Au. (I'm sure there were some of whom I wasn't aware!) Bittersweet for many, I'm sure, and cathartic for me. (I found myself in tears at the end, silly as that may sound!) Thanks, all of you, for helping to build Second Life, and best wishes for your future endeavors. There are some more photos on my Flickr stream.

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