01 August 2010

Last Call for Soror?

Things have been disappearing lately, from Greenies to Soror Nishi's Beach, to, um, Lindens themselves. But I'm an optimist at heart, so when Soror Nishi decided a couple weeks ago to close her unreal and incredible beach, one of the jewels of Second Life, I ran over and started buying up as much of her stuff as I could afford, determined to preserve some of it. Now there are a couple of quick little sale locations that have popped up, so if you're a fan of Soror's work you'll want to visit—they seemed destined to disappear soon! Above I'm at Juanita Deharo's land in Tkachiev, where Soror has set out a variety of trees and plants (cam around—there are two levels), and there's a slightly larger display at Prism Lila courtesy of Oona Ra (again, several stories tall—take time to fly up).

As for my growing collection of Soror Nishi creations, I really don't know where to put all of it! I've dumped a lot of trees (dumped being the operative word, as I've made no attempt to landscape—there they are in the photo below) on a sky platform at Babele Fashion Island, but I'm not sure where their permanent home will be. If you're in the mood, stop by and gawk. :)

P.S. If you dig this shirt shouting out SL's new unofficial brand—Fast, Easy, Fun!—you can grab one for free at Boom. Thanks to Gogo for blogging that. (And I'm not even going to try to look so sexy!)


  1. Thanks, Ziki, for the post, and for the purchases. It is difficult to keep all my trees and flowers (maybe 200 species) out on display all the time, so my new show coming up in September will probably mark the last time some of these things are out on show and for sale.... but I'm not leaving..... yet...... will wait and get some fast, easy fun ....the jury is still out...:))

  2. My pleasure, Soror!

    And to readers - there are a few places inworld where you can still enjoy cool installations designed by Soror. If you visit her blog (listed on the right under designers) you'll find a link to her place at the InWorldz grid, where she's busy at work creating new stuff!

  3. Ziki, I hope someday I won't see the word "(gone)" in your travel guide. I too am planning a "whimsy" corner at home to put some of sorors content as well...
    She tells me not to worry, we are just spreading our wings...taking those first tentative flights from the nest...
    And I know where to find her =^..^=

  4. Brinda, yes indeed. Just as with your shot of Los Angeles today and in 1878, nothing lasts forever, but sometimes it's painful to see things go, especially when they're as significant as these recent disappearances. As I remarked to Juanita Deharo yesterday, when Svarga reopened I held out hope for preserving some of the great places, but...

    So if you get some of Soror's stuff set up let me know! I still don't know when and where I'll manage to put everything! :)