04 August 2010

Juanita Deharo

When I visited the region Svidler to pick up a few of Soror Nishi's about-to-disappear trees, I decided to fly down to see what was there, because the land belonged to Juanita Deharo, whom I had seen a few days earlier and whose blog I've followed for a while. I arrived at her art gallery and was absolutely delighted by two installations. The newer one, When the light that's lost within us reaches the sky, is a water world surrounded by mountains, filled with dark figures, platforms, cages and giant mushroom caps imbued with a subtle palette of organic textures in grays, browns, and greens. Certainly this haunting work will touch people in many different ways—some of Juanita's thoughts on it here.

Take the teleport up to Man the Hunter, an earlier and smaller (though certainly no less beautiful) creation. Juanita characterizes the work as "a large environmental installation that operates on various levels. It comments on man's destructive nature, the glorification of killing, our need to capture and control, and the relationship we have with natural and living things." Take time also to go through the gallery, where many of Juanita's artworks are for sale. She also designs entire sims and sells waterfalls, caves, rivers, garden screens and lots more, so be sure to visit her profile for links to all her work!


  1. Thanks for the lovely words Ziki. Great pics too.

  2. Hey there Juanita! You're very welcome ... your work is lovely and I look forward to seeing your work in progress when it's done! :)