20 August 2010

Philip, Go Shopping!

When Philip Linden recently announced a contest for his makeover, two thoughts jumped to my mind. The first was: Philip, you're missing a great chance to explore Second Life's amazing assortment of hair, skin, clothes, and everything else! (Although probably Philip has an alt or two he can use for that.) The second was: Ziki, you're as wedded to your old skin as Philip is to his! It's true that I do change my appearance once in a while, but when I do it's to switch to a totally crazy or fantastic avatar, like something from alpha.tribe or a wild thing from Grim Bros. I always switch back to "me" after a while. And it's not that I haven't tried on demos now and then. So lest I end up just like Philip, I set out with more determination than usual and came up with the above ... at least an alternative I'm happy with. (Though, knowing me, I'll be sliding back into my old skin quite often!) The skin and shape are Shy'm from Allure by Naela Carter; the hair is Faith from Exile (blue velvet); and the eyes are 2010 bright blue eyes from EDDESIGN. (Plus a tux from Babele Fashion!)

And it was fun (always is, actually). So PL, get out there and enjoy yourself! :D


  1. =^..^= yes...change might be good...
    I've had pretty nuch the same look since about 6 months after I came.
    heh heh..actually I wore the same stilettos for nearly three years... 'til my SL daughter insisted I buy others!

  2. Clothes I change all the time, but somehow my skin I was very attached to.

    Today I was chatting with a resident who is almost ancient—her rezday was in 2003!—and I remarked that SL must look very different than it did back then. She said, "Yes, but the biggest change is that we're all better looking." I said nothing about Philip hehe. :)