25 August 2010

Sextan Shepherd's Flying Machines

If I were really thinking ahead about my blog posts, I would have worn some cool steampunk stuff for this photo shoot. Oh well. Let that not detract from the real topic at hand, the ingenuity of Sextan Shepherd, one of Second Life's most amazing designers, and the creator of Nemo, Northelia and Alnitak, fantastic steampunk cities in the region FRANCE3D Futuna. Now when you visit Sextan's cities you can take something home with you, because among Sextan's marvels are a series of personal flying machines, all very modestly priced and available at his shop in Alnitak (you'll find it—keep looking!). Sextan was kind enough to give me the «M. Meriman» Mechanical Flying Boat shown above (as always, click to zoom in), which features spinning spirals overhead and a huge outlay of creaking, rotating gears to keep it afloat. If passengers are your thing, you're going to want something that holds more than one person, so pick up the «DA-VINCI» Aerodyne, shown below, which is smaller but can hold up to two friends, one on either side of the pilot. In addition to the spinning top that propels the craft, gears inside the case constantly move. Earlier today I had the pleasure of flying the «DA-VINCI» Aerodyne around Abbey Island, doing my best to control the craft while chatting—not easy!

The «TESLA» Aerodyne is probably the smallest of all the vehicles, and therefore probably the most maneuverable. Like the Meriman, it's a personal craft, and its, um—I don't even know what to call them!—those electric things on top are constantly changing with dramatic electrical effects. (Oh, "electro cynetic movement" Sextan tells me at this very moment as I write.) Here it is:

But my favorite of all—the one that really made me smile with delight!—is the «Bestmomo Lagan» Flying Machine. At least it's called that on the box, but in my inventory it's named, probably more appropriately, the Pteronosphere. As it soars through the air, its wings open and close just like those of a pterosaur—"really wild!" says my partner Barbie Pomilio. It's a 31 prim, single person flyer shown below. There are a few more of these amazing ships available in Sextan's store, and they look every bit as good as these. (Plus, there are tons of other ultra-cool items for sale.) To try the ships out before buying them, be sure to visit the Steampunk Air Museum in Alnitak—and say hi to Sextan if you see him!


  1. Ohhhhhhh wonderfulness! Thank you for sharing! I will have to run out there!! (I don't know why Blogger won't recognize my Wordpress account...so in the for what it's worth category, here it is: michelehyacinth.wordpress.com

  2. Hi Michele! Just leave your credit card at home. ;-) These are really fun things buy, and I've already had a lot of people "ooooh" and "aaaah" at me as I'm flying around. :)