16 July 2011

Lemondrop's Forest

You know those sims where you can explore for hours, continue to be amazed even after all that time, and then find that you're still discovering new things? Lemondrop's Forest is just such a place, an astonishing cascade of colors, corridors, candy wrappers and a cornucopia of everything else. The main structural feature (photo at the bottom of the post) is an enormous 300 meter tall tree, underneath which, around which, inside which and on top which is a seemingly endless series of delights created by Lemondrop Serendipity and Photon Pink.

Grab a car tour for a quick initial look, and have fun with the gondola too, but you'll need to set out on foot and by air for a complete exploration (there are gliders on high). Below, in the watery world under the tree, visit the shops, try to avoid getting eaten by alligators (oh, but what fun is that? go ahead and get munched on—that's my friend Lexi getting devoured while I nonchalantly look on), and visit the "First Prim in SL" (which says it was created by Philip Linden on 29 April 2002). As you head up into the town level, there's a fascinating exhibition—everywhere—of Russian candy wrappers. Hidden away but worth finding is a little shop with wonderful things for sale by Rachel Breaker. Also here is Poopsburgh, a lighthearded scatological (do those words go together?) town populated by, um, poop. I'm not sure what else to say about it, but hold your nose and go visit.

And remember, please donate when you visit these places—they're not inexpensive to maintain, and we all benefit from having these remarkable creations to enjoy. :) I'll be posting some more images on my flickr stream.


  1. So sad this place is gone forgood.. i always loved walking/floating/flying/driving around the big tree.
    Truly a sad day when SL lost this wonderful world of Lemondrop.

  2. I know! I didn't know it was disappearing or I would have gone back ... and Photon Pink's castle is now gone as well.

  3. I've had a chat with Lemondrop a few days ago and it looks like Lemondrop's Forest is back! :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/ursulafloresby/10776933843/

  4. Yes, by chance I just visited and talked with her too, before seeing your comment! It's great news—I love this place.