04 July 2011


Feeling regressive? Then zoom back to your childhood by heading over to Toyland, Home of Humdingers, a jumbled mess of building blocks, crayons and childhood games of every description (the names changed, of course!)—each of which will resurrect some fuzzy memory of days gone by. You're going to go, "Oh, I remember that thing!"

The creators say, "So, what's there to do here? Well, here in Toyland, there isn't a thing you cant have a good time with! Battle your friends in a intense game of Four in a Row or try your luck at Tic Tac Toe. Run on the wheel of life or make music on the keyboard or xylophone. The limitations are endless! Not up for the fun and games? Maybe you'd rather lounge around and just enjoy the view? No problem! Find your way to many hang out zones located around the sim."

There are a bunch of stores hidden here and there in the place too, including my favorite Grim Bros.—click on the chalkboard (or blackboard—what are those things called these days?) to get a directory. Thanks to my friend Naxos Loon for tipping me off on to Toyland—he's on the left below; I'm on the right in an alpha.tribe outfit. And thanks to "The Dingers" as they call themselves—Eolene Uralia, Blueboy Huckleberry and Dingle Doigits—for this cool spot to visit.


  1. Sounds interesting. :)

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  2. Done! Thanks for the updated url! :)