20 September 2011

Exhibition at the Isle of Dee

How did I manage to not even mention my exhibition at the Town Hall at the Isle of Dee? Well, thanks to the generosity of Merthyn Vintner and Rhea Vintner, I was offered the ground floor for the month of September—so you don't have long to catch it! It's not a huge show, but there are some large pieces in the gallery that capture some of Calas Galadhon, Abbey Island, The Abyss, Zigana at Sea Salts and tram in the region Camomile. Sometimes when I visit I teleport right to the gallery, but other times I have to wind my way through the sim to get there, which isn't the least of problems because it's such a beautiful place. If you're hunting for the Town Hall, the coordinates are 53, 151, 22. The Isle of Dee is a Medieval roleplay sim, but you don't need an observer tag—just be polite and explore!

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