26 September 2011

Here, Kitty, Kitty

74444444444444444444 <-- You see that? My real life cat typed that (really!) just as I started to write this.

So ... the other day I'm going through blogs I read all the time—Dwell On It (Tateru Nino), Daniel Voyager's Blog, Living in a Modem World (required reading from Inara Pey), and Juicybomb. And there on Juicybomb is this post about Gogo and her kittycat ... and she's selling him! So, out of curiosity, off I went to Sleepy Bay, where the kitty was for sale via Khea Karas. I had often seen references to Meeroos (and had ventured across one or two), Amaretto Breedables, Sion Chickens and the like, but had never bothered to check any of them out. Not my thing, really.

So I arrive at Sleepy Bay, and there are like a bazillion cats there, and this particular cat for sale set on a pedestal. Price tag (I'll say it): L$5,000, and with a hovering text that said, "I'm Famous! - JuicyBomb Cat." Not that there weren't a few others for, say, L$1,000 nearby. And I'm thinking to myself, "Well, what do you do with a cat?" But, flush with cash, I pulled the trigger ... "[2011/09/25 14:38] You are now the owner of object KittyCats - I'm Famous! - JuicyBomb Cat" ... and my partner Lexi, who was standing there, thought I was out of my mind. (Although she often thinks that anyway.)

I thought to myself, "Great, I can see the headlines now: 'Ziki Questi purchases Gogo's kittycat and it starves to death.'" So in half a panic I dashed off, bought food, milk, a scratching post, a bed, and started reading all about these kitties. Plus I got it that you have to give some emotional care, so I'm holding him, playing ball, making sure he's ok. Kinda cute, this guy, and can tell why they're so addicting, because they are. I chatted with Gogo (she's waiting for a girl kitty) and sent her a pic to let her know he's in good hands (I hope!). So just like that I own a virtual pet, and I'm delighted: he's fun and I'm happy.


  1. LOL, I had to chuckle. A friend of mine was selling cats about a year ago, and she had this big business going. So she gives me two cats, a boy and girl. Of course, I fell mad for them. But, they started cranking out babies and soon I had 10! Then, I stopped birthing them because it got crazy. I'd spend so much time and money feeding them. It was a zoo. They'd get lost (yes they were escape artists). I'd worry about them too! Finally, I found someone to adopt them! They were fun while they lasted, but became too much. You might keep it to one for sanity! Congradulations!

  2. Yes, they do escape as I've discovered for myself. :) I sure had a panic the other day when I couldn't find him ... It turned out that somehow he had gone offworld and ended up in my Lost & Found!

    And I've kept it to just one so far, no attempts at breeding yet! :)