20 August 2012

The Great Wall of China

Amiryu Hosoi has announced that she may be forced to close down her four sims—Japan Kansai, Japan Kanto, Japan Chubu and China Sichuan—because of declines in revenue. It's never good to hear such news, especially as her firm, Hosoi Ichiba, uses its funds to keep up these sims. One which many residents have visited over the years—despite the Japanese orientation of the surrounding sims—features the Great Wall of China.

Of course, one can't build the entire Great Wall of China in a single sim, but it's a beautifully rendered place. I'm not sure one could call the sim "state of the art" these days, with the advent of mesh and more advanced builds sprouting up, but it's important to appreciate these older (and often venerated) gems. Visit the adjoining sims to see sites such as Matsumoto Castle, and be sure to visit Amiryu's shop to lend some support.


  1. Beautiful photos, Ziki! And we can hope there will be enough support to enable Ami to keep the doors open. This is truly a treasure of Second Life.

  2. Thanks, Yordie. I hope so—frankly I hadn't been there in a long time, but often months go by between visits to places. I know many people discovered (or discover) this sim in their early SL days, so I suspect it hold fond memories.