13 November 2012


Second Life artists London Junkers and Lizzie Gudkov unveiled today a new exhibition in the sim LEA6—Guernica, a three dimensional expression of Pablo Picasso's monumental painting of the same name that stands in real life at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. The iconic original, created in 1937 and depicting the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, measures an amazing 25.6 feet (7.8 meters) wide by 11 feet (3.5 meters) high. I'm not sure whether Mr. Junkers and Ms. Gudkov have created the Second Life model to scale or not, but one cannot visit this installation without experiencing a sense of the work's massive proportions.

Here, however, there's a new take on Guernica: this installation is three-dimensional, allowing Picasso's gestures to emerge from the canvas. We can wander and fly among them, seeing the work, quite literally, from new perspectives. I'll post some images on my flickr stream.


  1. Hello Ziki, this is Mr Junkers thanking you for your post!! :-)) It is so gratifying to read about the piece in the way you do it!! You touch beyond it!! The measurements may not be right, the original is flat. In a 3d environment perspective has its price. Guernica as an inspiration has more than size, and we wanted to be accurate to a certain point of view. You captured the image really well in your picture!! Picasso left the Guernica to the mind of humanity. "You have to give IT the meaning".
    Liz and I just recreated a universal piece, in prims, in homage of that amazing mind who gave us cubism. Who gave us so much more.
    Thank you for your beautiful words. LJ.

  2. Hi London! My pleasure, and thanks for creating this great interpretation! :)