19 November 2012

William Weaver's Build 013: the Phi Cube

Some of you may have seen this photo on flickr, which for me is the most jaw dropping image William Weaver has produced. Will gave me a copy of this build, 013: the phi cube, and I've rezzed it on my land at Catalana and have fiddled with it a little, trying to replicate that image. I've gotten close, but no cigar so far!

At first glace the build is a bunch of interlocked black cubes with white lines, but it comes alive using the right windlight settings and depth of field. These aren't very refined photos—just some quick images I took to give you a feel for it.

For the time being I've opened my place, so if you'd like to play around with the cube you're welcome to—it's a large piece (based in some way on the Fibonacci series, I'm informed) and I've rezzed it up in the air. To get there, land here and then walk inside Sextan Shepherd's observatory (which you're welcome to explore, of course, along with the rest of my half the island, although it's nothing too exciting!), and go through the little door that you'll see on your wall to the immediate left. And up you go! Please clean up after yourselves. :)

P.S. If you need to rez stuff, just ask—I can add you to the group.


  1. Hi Charolotte! That's lovely! Sorry I missed your visit, but I'm glad you came to check it out! :)

  2. Haha! Thanks! and thanks for having me :)

  3. You're welcome any time! (As is everyone else!) :)