20 October 2015

Chamber Members' Photography Exhibition (NSFW)

On display at the DathĂșil Gallery of Art is the Chamber Members' Photography Exhibition, featuring the winners and finalists of a September competition designed to encourage photographers to explore the Chamber sim and its various locations (the best-known area being the Chamber proper, described as "a secret sex society themed club set in a vintage hotel room" — read here for more). The results, not surprisingly, lean toward the erotic or suggestive, and the photos on display steer away from anything that might be construed as pornographic.

Ninety-two artists submitted entries, and four winners were announced: first prize with L$12,000 was Ziekling Bunnyhug, second prize with L$8,000 was Yum Parkin, and third prize at L$5,000 each was shared by Janet Patton and Ossia Xevion (all shown in the top image, counter-clockwise from the bottom). Rounding out the top twenty, and also on display, are works by Porsheen, Simon Sonnenblume, Yayshe, Taffy Criss, Deidia, sedonajane Silverpath, Dusty Wasp, Franz Valeur, Smoking Diesel, Mara Charisma, Annjalyk Storm, Pollyanna4, Daria Glom, Sandrika Broono, Saritha Gabardini, and HisOne, all of which were awarded L$1,000. The exhibition remains on display through October 31st.

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