30 October 2015

Evergreen Nook

The recently refreshed and photogenic sim Evergreen Nook, created by JenniferKatie and Owen Cann, offers a tranquil landscape and stunning views that are not to be missed. With just a touch of autumnal coloring — and wildflowers still in bloom, providing resplendent yellows, oranges and reds — the sim hints of fall. "As much as I adore autumn, I don't think we wanted to go all out," JenniferKatie said, adding that the concept was "light, fresh and airy." And this she and Owen have achieved most impressively.

The region is shaped something like a giant U, and visitors arrive at one end and are invited to make their way around on the well-marked paths. (Flying is possible, and is necessary to reach the lighthouse on the northeast corner of the sim (photo above), but travel by foot provides the best overall experience.) Along the way, one encounters a furnished Tuscan-style villa (visible in the distance in the top image) and then a enchanting stone circle that my partner Kinn described as the best she had ever seen (photo below).

At the very far end of the path is the private residence of the creators (image below), which is off limits to visitors but visible for photos. Distinctive of Evergreen Nook, in this era of mesh objects for landscaping, is its heavy reliance on sculpted prim trees and grasses. "The larch trees — I adore the textures," said JenniferKatie. "Natural looking." Photographers and others who wish to rez objects are invited to join the land group, and contributions are welcome at the landing point.

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  1. <3 Thank you my love for your kind words about our sim - it meant so very much.