02 November 2015

Escenas — El Tiempo

Now open at MetaLES is Escenas or Scenes, a work by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar that will unfold in its entirety over next two months, with a new scene presented every two weeks. Presently, Scene 1 is El Tiempo, or The Time, although it's possible, as Ux and Romy note, that the scenes may not be presented in sequential order — perhaps this is the second, penultimate, or last scene, and it's up to the viewer to make that determination. These installation is accompanied by the quote, "No me veo, No te encuentro, que poco nos hubiera importado hace tiempo..." which could be roughly translated as "I can't see myself, I can't find you, too little it would have mattered to us for a while..." (Thanks to Ricco Saenz for the translation assistance, who adds that the phrase is poetic and not easily converted into English.)

Central to this scene are two enormous characters — the image below shows the entire sim, and if you look closely you'll see my avatar, a tiny dot front and center. The first personage, the hermit, emerges from a doorway, lantern and staff in hand; the other is a woman who looks up in horror at the moving hands of a cuckoo clock, its apparently dead bird suspended and hanging face down. The setting appears to be domestic: nearby her is an upended dressing table, with its brush, cracked hand mirror (showing her reflection) and broken necklace strewn on the ground; beside him is a similarly tilted cabinet with a teapot and teacups sliding off, about to crash into the water below. As to its full meaning, we may need to wait until the other three scenes emerge over time.

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