10 November 2015

Radio Days

On Saturday, November 21, from 1 to 3 pm slt, the Second Life community is cordially invited to a celebration, Radio Days, at The Far Away, the seminal build by the artist AM Radio that has stood at Dreamworld North since mid-2007. Attire is 1930s optional, and my partner Kinn and I will host the event, with Gabrielle Riel (of Radio Riel) providing period music. (AM hopes to join the party, but may be traveling.)

Since taking on care of The Far Away in 2013, I've been gratified by the many people who have contributed toward its support (especially Gardakan Mortlock and Boojum (libtc65)). Donations are very welcome at Radio Days on the 21st but not required. We hope you'll visit, enjoy the space, open your ears to the music, and see new and old friends. To receive news and notices about future Radio Days events — because we hope this month's celebration will be the first of more to come — please join the land group, The Far Away by AM Radio, which also gives you the option to set the wheat fields as your Second Life home.

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