15 November 2015

Escenas — Decisiones

Now open at MetaLES is the second scene — entitled Decisiones — in the ongoing installation Escenas or Scenes by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar, at which a new scene appears every two weeks over a two month period. (Read here about the concept and the initial scene, El Tiempo, which has now closed.) Once again visitors are presented with a splendid and skillfully wrought installation on a massive scale — the image above depicts the entire sim, with human figures towering high into the air, so that a high draw distance is vital to the experience.

Here, a crow perched on a windowsill observes the interactions: a woman tows a cart laden with scales (justice) while beckoning toward a figure in the distance, a man who hangs upside down from a lettered circle suspended in the sky. Meanwhile, a devilish figure rises from the ocean and either reaches or gestures toward the woman. It was my partner, Kinn, who first realized the immediate connection to tarot cards: the hanged man, the wheel of fortune, justice, the devil, and from the first scene the hermit. Decisiones will remain on display for two weeks, and will be replaced a third scene. Contributions to support MetaLES may be made at the landing point.

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