12 November 2015

It's a New Dawn

One's experience at It's a New Dawn, created by silvermoon Fairey, begins modesty, with an intimate beach scene and a climb up a slowly sloping hill toward a pastoral equine setting with a small shack and pond. But from there, looking north, a beautiful view unfolds, with a quaint village nestled in a valley, a windhill high atop one of the rocky protuberances silhouetted against the orange sky.

As flying is not allowed, this is a sim designed for exploration on foot, so patience is required. Each of the dwellings can be entered, and evidence of agriculture and animal husbandry are abundant, with horses, sheep, and cows dotting the landscape. Around the edges of the sim, away from the town, are situated some charming beach scenes and lovely vistas.

As is the case with most well-designed sims, ambient sounds here are plentiful, and it's hard to find a spot where one doesn't hear the call of birds, the bleating of farm animals or a distant waterfall. Images here show the scene bathed in the default environmental settings, but no doubt others would work admirably. Contributions may be made near the landing point.


  1. Ziki, thank you for blogging my sim, it means a lot to me and in all honesty..i saw you visiting my sim and was a bit nervous :).

  2. I wanted to post and say, probably again, what a fan I am of your blog, My boyfriend and I are always visiting the places you feature and really enjoying them. Without you, my Flikr would be beyond boring. Thanks so much for all you do!

  3. A belated thanks, silvermoon, for sharing your lovely sim with everyone.

    Thanks for the kind words, Iolanthe! :)