06 November 2015


Grab an umbrella before heading to Sorrow, created by Voshie Paine and friends, a region so deluged by rain that it's often hard to see where one's headed, and where entry into a dwelling can provide measured relief from the drenching experience. It's a region with a story — no doubt brought forward in anticipation of Halloween in early October when the sim opened, although the Sorrow doesn't seem dependent on Halloween to be enjoyed — about the Annesley family and their tragic fate.

We learn that after generations of prosperity and elite social status, the Annesley family — George, Lillian, and little daughter Rose — individually met sad ends, bringing their aristocracy to a moribund conclusion. (More details emerge in the notecard available at the landing point.) The family's manor home, situated on the southeastern edge of the sim, has now fallen into ruin and disrepair (middle images), the rope from which George hung himself in the attic still dangling from the ceiling. The family's presence seems to haunt the house, with ghostly apparitions, framed photographs that rearrange themselves, and a piano that repeatedly plays a disturbing melody.

The estate is now in the hands of the caretakers who once served the Annesleys, and they reside on the more tranquil island upon which one enters the sim, complete with a warm and cozy home guarded by greyhounds (below), a barn, a windmill, an apiary, and dense woods. A tiny third island rests to the immediate south, the site of a rather soggy camping venture. Contributions to support Sorrow can be made near the landing point.


  1. Thank you so much Ziki for this wonderful write up. We will be closing the sim shortly in anticipation of preparing for winter, but these photos will help us remember this incantation of Sorrow. Thank you again <3