25 November 2015


Now open at Berg by Nordan Art, owned and curated by Kate Bergdorf, is Memories, an installation by Giovanna Cerise that was inspired by the poem "Non recidere, forbice, quel volto" (or "Do not chop away, shears, that face") from the 1939 collection Le Occasioni by Italian Nobel Prize winning poet Eugenio Montale. In this work, faces on semi-transparent cubes emerge, merge, and recess away, much as memories do, and symbols of time — the gears of a clock — rotate around a faceless form. The evocative elements are bathed in the fading light of evening.

The installation will continue through the end of the year, as will a concurrent exhibition of three surreal, moody and striking images by Sina Souza, collectively entitled Passively, in the small gallery space overhead. An additional venue, available via teleport, displays a series of works by Kate.

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