03 November 2015

Rosewood Isle

Opening tomorrow, Wednesday, November 4, and open to the public only until Saturday, November 7, is Rosewood Isle, owned and managed by Britain Leigh Kennedy, and landscaped by Nic Bour (nicbor) with decorating by Britain. After Saturday, the sim will close to become a private and rentable venue for weddings.

Consistent with its wedding theme, the sim is silvery, with a muted but ethereal palette of whites, grays and browns, and the result is enchanting and almost gem-like. It's a low-lying region, with slowly undulating water wrapping around its small islands, trees and rocks.

Visitors arrive on the western edge of the sim, travel east across a wooden bridge to a welcoming area, and from there can continue either right to the wedding island or to the left, a mirror island designed for receptions, the two intimate spaces being connected by footbridges held aloft by six giant balloons. Additional information about the sim's professional services is available at the landing point.

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