30 November 2016

Black Label Exhibitions Corner Softie Gallery

The Black Label Exhibitions Corner, curated by Storie's (GlitterPrincess Destiny), Kristine blackadder and AnnaFrancesca Kira, recently opened the doors to a new permanent exhibition space, the Softie Gallery. The spacious area, extending over several floors, currently features two- and three-dimensional works by Bryn Oh, Storie's, Catt Scorpio (Cattivella), CioTToLiNa Xue, LeMelonRouge, Seersha Heart, Astralia, Blip Mumfuzz, Judy Barton (Mitla), MM (Mysterr), vangogh Rembranch, terrygold, Cica Ghost, Eles (Eleseren Brianna), John Brianna (Johannes1977), Maddy (Magda Schmidtzau), Mistero Hifeng, aldiladeisogni, Lil (Lilarya), Inara Pey, Solkide Auer, and paola Mills.

Notecards provide biographical information on each of the featured artists. It's up to each artist to decide when to rotate new works into their displays, so check back frequently to see what's fresh — there's enough to see that visitors might want to plan more than one trip to fully enjoy the entire exhibition.

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