29 November 2016

One Caress

Break out your umbrellas, raincoats and boots, and prepare for a journey to One Caress, a new — and exceptionally wet — creation by Squonk Levenque and Miuccia Klaar, famed for their earlier waterlogged regions that included H22O (read here), 2304 Rain (read here), and Treptower Park (read here) — plus Felona e Sorona (read here). In One Caress, amid the drenching precipitation, some visitors might recognize references to those earlier builds — a black-horned sheep by the name of Hermenegildo, scattered amusement park items, street lamps, and a dense forest of bare-branched trees — but there's much new to discover.

Visitors arrive at a landing point overhead — a bit of a drizzly prelude — and teleport down to the surface into a watery forest situated in the center of the sim, around which are wrapped various scenes. The only place that escapes the steady onslaught of rain is on the southwest corner, where a tall, narrow island juts up abruptly from the sea. Its walls are too steep to climb, but a long winding staircase leads through and above the rain clouds up to the top, where a tiny house awaits (image above). (It's 10 Barnes Street, the address of the last home of author H.P. Lovecraft, and the interior is decorated accordingly.) And it's hard to miss the bears that populate the sim, especially the giant one to the east, which comes complete with a dangerous pose (lowest image featuring my partner, Kinn).

Diligent explorers might find a hidden thing or two hidden under the floorboards, so to speak, so be sure to cam about and investigate. Balloon rides through the sim are available, and are a fun way to drift about to take in the sights. The images here were taken using the sim's default environmental settings, which are strongly recommended. And the sim's name? "Even before we got the sim," Miuccia shared, "Squonk said, 'I know the name for the next sim: One Caress.' He was watching the video from Depeche Mode and something in it — the arch and the violins — hit his brain." If you enjoy your visit to One Caress, please consider leaving a contribution toward its continued support.

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