21 March 2010


A couple days ago, I read an entry on Momos Blog (a great blog authored by Miefmupfel Willis) showing a very cool avatar design. I'm always a sucker for unusual stuff like this, and the design looked striking, so I headed over to the store, alpha.tribe, and it was all I could do not to purchase everything in the shop! These avatars are gorgeous works of art, wrought with beauty and style. Each is a complete outfit, with skin, clothes and attachments, and many include both female and male versions. The one above (photo taken at AM Radio's Superdyne area at IDIA) is called La Belle Epoque.

And here, above, is Metal Runes, the attachments of which whip around like crazy, casting themselves about as if I'm some sort of medusa. These images really don't convey the beauty of these outfits, but click to see them larger. (Here again, the image was taken at an AM Radio creation ... Into the Sky.) And just now I'm returning to the alpha.tribe shop to buy some more of these ultra cool things! (Below, thrown in for good measure, is AM working on a new car, and exercising great patience while I prod him with questions!)

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