19 March 2010

Svarga Returns

Long ago, before there were flexiprims, before there were sculpties, there was created a magical sim called Svarga. Built by Laukosargas Svarog in 2006, it was a breathtaking inspiration that quickly became one of Second Life's most visited destinations. I remember taking new residents to Svarga many times, hopping on one of the vehicles that provided a guided, narrated tour (in multiple languages), taking the Laukosaucer to the AmbiPod, a fantastic environment with particles galore, and visiting the WhisperBox, an interactive sound installation. Svarga even featured a dynamic ecosystem that grew on its own.

Sadly, Svarga closed, although it was still visible on the map. Just a couple weeks ago, it happily re-opened, and it's a thrill to see this great place once again. It's not quite as it was, as many things are now gone, sadly. The guided tours, the ambipod, the cloud chamber, and other highlights have disappeared. In some ways, Svarga is but a whisper of what it once was, but it's still worth a nostalgic visit. (And no, the trees don't sway in the breeze here -- remember, this was pre-flexiprims!) There is talk of working to restore Svarga to its complete old state -- we can hope and see.

Update on 26 March 2010: I'm happy to say that thanks to Blaise Timtam the tours are back! Hop on a wasp when you arrive to get a fly-through and learn about Svargan history.


  1. Great to hear that Svarga is back! I was taken there as a noobie and was sad when it 'closed' as I had myself taken new residents there to show them what SL had to offer (not just sex and roleplay!).

  2. Hi Tyson ... Sorry for the long delay in replying ... Yes, it's really a delight to see! Hopefully it will remain open for good!