25 March 2010

Babele's New Majakowsky Mini and Dirty Denim

Babele Fashion's designer Pinco Janus rolled out two new designs today, adding to her great "leather girl" series with the Majakowsky miniskirted outfit, above, and her capri series with the Dirty Denim Girl, shown below. The Majakowsky is splashed with images of the early 20th century Russian poet and playwright who became known as a founding figure in the Futurist movement. The skirt, which comes in both an Xcite! compatible version and tamer PG variety, has a built-in resize script, as do the tall boots. As for the Dirty Denim outfit ... are those bloodstains? Sort of hard to tell, but they don't look like they're going to come out in the wash! The top comes in both jacket and shirt layers, and I love the jeans and lace combination on the pants. Matching denim shoes are included.

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